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Graphic Design

We specialize in all aspects of graphic design, as it is an important aspect in the sales and marketing of services and products. It is also referring to as communication design as it communicates by means of visuals and involves a creative and organized plan to work out a problem or to achieve certain objectives.

Various elements are used in graphic design:

Lines Lines is a basic element of Graphic design and is used to draw the eye to an important element or to divide certain elements from each other.

Shapes Shapes is used to support other elements like type and other forms of content. It is also used to balance a layout.

Colour Colour should support the message, it is used to change or emphasize.

Typography This is used for the design of typefaces in order to communicate.

Texture Texture is used to create definition to a design, to make it feel tactile although it is 2 dimentional.


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